Unlocking Dyslexia; Jamie Wong talks about challenges and successes

April 17, 2019


Show Notes

Jamie Wong returns to the show to give some updates about events in McDowell Mountain Ranch and talk about dyslexia.

International Dyslexia Association - az.dyslexiaida.org

Wellington Alexander Center - wellingtonalexandercenter.com

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Upcoming Events

4/19: Passover Begins sundown 

4/21: Easter 

4/24: Mandarin Language Program Open House @ DCES Kindergarten 

MMR Swim Team Dolphins started this month and registration is still open.  Practices are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  For more information contact Katie Davison at MMRswimteam@gmail.com

McDowell Business Network - 1st Thursday of the month 6:45pm at McDowell Center 


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